"Everything about this album,which should contend for debut of the year honors,is a resounding success.The music swings effortlessly,every utterence is gorgeous and the recording is intimate and beautiful"  - DOWNBEAT


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Owl trio

The OWL Trio is a new chamber jazz ensemble, borne of the 10‐year musical relationship between bassist Orlando le Fleming, saxophonist Will Vinson and guitarist Lage Lund. The intimate nature of the lineup, combined with the years of prolific collaborative music‐making in a wide variety of contexts, results in highly sensitive and near‐telepathic renderings of standards and free improvisations.

Each of the musicians is highly accomplished and recognized in his own right. Jazz Times calls le Fleming “a deep‐toned walker with an impeccable sense of time”, and the New York Times describes him as a “grounding force”. Vinson is “marvelous” and “drills a hole through the music, boxing like a sprightly Olympic welterweight” according to Jazz Times, and the Guardian describes him as “spectacular, adroit and sophisticated”. The New York Times lauds Lund’s “casual magnetism”, and the critic David Adler describes him as “burning down the house with one impossibly deft solo after another.

The group’s first performance at the Rochester Jazz Festival was a hit according to the Rochester City Newspaper: “Lund’s gorgeous playing, Vinson’s sinuous sound, and le Fleming’s sturdy anchoring made for a dream‐like sound in a perfect setting.”

OWL Trio recorded its first, eponymous, CD in an abandoned church in Brooklyn. The recording is characterized by its seamless juxtaposition of haunting beauty, space and freedom, with the overt celebration of the jazz tradition and that of the American songbook.