I’m available for lessons online and in person and I’m offering a three lesson crash course for bass players to get their sound and pulse together!

Focus will be on the student developing a good consistent bass sound for jazz, applying it to walking bass lines while developing their internal pulse. I will also delve deeper into these subjects:

  1. Exercises for sound which focus on the right and left hands.
  2. Working with and without the metronome and being comfortable with space.
  3. Understanding the triplet, its place in Jazz and how to internalize rhythms. 
  4. Standards - singing the melody while accompanying yourself.
  5. Understanding functional harmony and how to play melodic bass lines.
  6. Making the right musical choices under pressure.
  7. Creating emotion from nothing.

For other instruments: focus will be on rhythm, mastering a strong eighth note feel, comping, and understanding how to use and develop jazz language.


I recently made a video lesson for My Music Masterclass focusing on essential bass fundamentals. 


I give masterclasses to all instruments, focusing on the following subjects:

1. Ensemble playing

Focusing on listening, different types of interaction relating to personality, developing trust through various exercises, spontaneous creative orchestration/arranging when performing, and expedients for creating strong emotions when there is no help from the written music.

2. Composition.

Breaking from the normal devices and forms found in Jazz composition. Writing with a strong rhythmic identity and understanding how your composition will be interpreted by specific musicians.

3. Bass and drums

Pocket playing, understanding how the bass and drums hook up using historical references, understanding and hearing when to be supportive or when to take chances, and exploring changeable roles within the song.

4.  Life as an expat Jazz musician in NY and the similarities and differences between the USA and Europe

Originally from the UK I have lived and worked as a musician on both sides of the Atlantic, so I have a very good perspective of the differences in attitudes, cultures and geography between the USA and Europe in how it relates to Jazz and music in general.